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Apply to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP) is a program of the University of Maryland Honors College. First-year applicants to the University of Maryland are automatically considered for admission to the Honors College when they apply by the November 1 priority deadline. There is no separate addendum or special application for the Honors College at that time. 

The University of Maryland application is here

Invitations to the Honors College are extended to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and promise. Students' applications are carefully evaluated on the basis of academic achievement in high school, rigor of their high school program, test scores, application essay, letters of recommendation, and participation in extracurricular activities. 

Once students are admitted to the Honors College (typically in late January), students are then asked to preference their interest in particular Living-Learning Programs, including EIP. Students will then be invited to join a particular living-learning program, such as EIP, based on their levels of interest, program goals, space availability and other factors.

For more information on the Honors College programs and timelines, please visit the Honors College website

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